Training - SKED Rescue
By Trappe Fire Company No. 1
January 18, 2022

Gianna Thomas, the first member to join as a Cadet in Trappe Fire Company’s Junior (Cadet) Firefighter Program, was called into service last night during an important training exercise. The training simulated an incident with high carbon monoxide readings and rescue of two victims from the basement of a residential structure. A SKED stretcher device was used to harness the victim and move her up the stairs from the basement safely and securely. Members adapted rapidly to the simulated hazardous conditions to complete the job at hand. Training was led by Captain Ross Greenwood and Deputy Chief John Bolger with input from Safety Officer Steve Sellet.

In the second training scenario, Firefighter Trip Greenwald fell ‘unconscious’ in a simulated response to low oxygen levels in a restaurant. Trip was ‘rescued’ by Firefighters Derek Thomas and Chris Rosekrans. Fire Chief Branden Sisca and Fire Police Steve Mihoch and Jeff Blackwell also participated in the training.

The specific equipment used in each scenario was chosen for training purposes to refresh and sharpen skills with specific pieces of equipment. Our training program coordinators work hard to balance available time with the disciplines and equipment we have the responsibility to maintain.