Fire Alarm Set off by Cooking Fire
By Pat Webster
April 11, 2022

Trappe Fire Company responded at 6pm tonight to a fire alarm at the Stoneschool Condominiums on East 1st Avenue in Trappe. Upon arrival, TFC, assisted by Collegeville Fire Company, found smoky conditions from a cooking fire in a second floor unit. Firefighters cleared the area, investigated the situation and vented the building.

The smoky condition was caused by unattended cooking. Unattended cooking fires account for two of every five home fires. Beyond being common, cooking fires are also deadly. On average, they cause 44 percent of home fires, 15 percent of home fire deaths and 38 percent of home fire injuries each year.

Please be mindful while cooking.

Units: DC77, L77, E77, 77 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: E34