Smoke Alarm and Sprinkler System Save Property in two sperate incidents
By Trappe Fire Company
November 14, 2022

The first incident occurred at 0615 hours where Ladder 77 was dispatched to assist Station 34 on a fire alarm at 55 West 4th Ave in Collegeville Borough.

While units were responding, BC34 received notes of another caller reporting something burning inside the building and the assignment was upgraded to a building fire response.

Ladder 77 responded with a crew of 4 and arrived on scene as the first due truck, Ladder 77's did a primary search and found the fire located in an apartment with an active sprinkler containing the fire to the kitchen.

Engine 66's crew and Engine 34's crew assisted with fire suppression and securing the sprinkler system. Ladder 77's crew assisted with salvage and overhaul while the fire was determined to be caused by a food processing dehydrator.

The second incident occurred at 1234 hours where Ladder 77 and Engine 68 were dispatched to a fire alarm on Belmont Ave in Upper Providence Township. While Ladder 77 and Engine 68 were responding, units received multiple activations in the house.

Crews from Engine 68 and Ladder 77 found smoke and an odor of bunt food with nobody home at the residence. Engine 68's crew gained accessed and found a pot of food on the stove on fire causing a smoke condition in the house. Engine 68's crew removed the pot of food from the residence and Ladder 77's assisted with ventilation.

Nobody was hurt at either incident and Trappe Fire Company is happy that these residence has active smoke alarms to help alert first responders quickly and minimize the damage.

Units: L77, E77