Potential Hazmat Incident in Lower Providence Township
By Trappe Fire Company
March 3, 2023

Lower Providence Township police, fire, and EMS were dispatched to a tanker truck filled with 1100-1200 gallons of propane that flipped over near the intersection of Germantown Pike and Evansburg Road around 1040 hours.

Chief 53 arrived on scene and established command. Chief 53 requested three more additional engines to assist bringing Perkiomen Fire Company, Trappe Fire Company, and Collegeville Fire Company.

Engine 68-2 responded with a crew of 5 and assisted with evacuating multiple residence / business to provide a safe area. After that task was completed, Engine 68-2 was tasked to be RIT while Engine 66 and Squad 53 established fire suppression while removing the propane truck from the roadway.

Traffic 68-2 also responded and also provided road closer to several intersections.

No injuries were reported and the propane truck's tank did not have any leaks. The roadway was closed for several hours which reopened around 1500 hours.

Units: E68-2, Traffic 68-2
Mutual Aid: Squad 53, Rescue 53, Lower Providence EMS, Lower Providence Police, Engine 66,Engine 34